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a blend of urethane fortified natural oils
provides a natural / country look to compliment most timbers
gloss level can be varied to choice
completely dry to touch after curing
maintains previously oiled timber surfaces
resistant to water, most chemicals and stains
very easy to apply with no mixing
readily available in cans of 500ml, 1litre and 4litres
comes with full, easy to follow instructions
provides a finish that is easy to clean and maintain
rejuvenate treated surfaces by further simple applications

DGI Country Oil is formulated as an alternative to two-pack polyurethane. Although not quite as tough, it is far easier to maintain.

Our unique formula is a blend of urethane fortified natural oils which is resistant to water, most chemicals and stains.
It gives a low sheen finish using the recommended application. Different gloss levels can be achieved simply by varying the degree of cut, or by buffing.

It is ideal for coating untreated timber surfaces as well as maintaining previously Country Oil treated wood.

DGI Country Oil

Being an oil base, DGI Country Oil is easy to apply and will give an excellent finish without the difficulties or expense associated with the usual 'sprayed' furniture finishes.

The end result is an 'easy to clean and maintain' surface that will resist most household agents, yet is simple to renew should any surface damage occur. Unlike many other oil finishes, the drying agents in the formulation, ensure a cured urethane surface with no free oil or tackiness.

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